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  • Weekly Learning Targets: LTWBAT!

......Weeks 1 - 2
......Weeks 7 - 8

......Weeks 3 - 4
......Weeks 9 - 10

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......Weeks 11 - 12

Computer Assignments

Why Study Science Essay

Inquiry Activities

1) Science Inquiry

2) Engineering Inquiry

Problem: The Zombie Apocalypse: Escape to MHS: Find a way to transport an action figure over the building and into the "Safe Zone" of the inner courtyard.

Engineering Research Presentation

Engineering Research Report: How Things Work: Research one of the engineered systems from the list below to find out how it works. Report must include a labeled illustration, a detailed description of how energy/matter flow through the system, and the impact of the system on individuals, society and the environment.

Summative Assessments (aka: Quests!)


Science Research and News Resources

Science News and Information Websites

...And for easier reading try:

...Also, use Wikipedia to get an overview of your topic.

Other Resources