IPS.B Support

for LTs (Learner-Teachers) and Others

IPS.B Course Requirements

IPS Learning Targets

Best Class EVER! Characteristics

HOMEWORK, FOODs and WUPS - (Facts of Our Day and Warm Ups)


Computer Lab Assignments

Group Projects: NOT ACTIVE SPRING.16

Science Research Report

Option 1: Topic: Changing Models of the Earth in Space: Evidence and Beliefs

Option 2: Select your own topic

Additional Writing Support:

XXXXXXXXXXXXX• User name: molallaPassword: shelf

Inquiry Labs

1) Science Inquiry

Science Inquiry Lab Template

2) Engineering Inquiry

Problem: Escape from MHS: Find a way to transport your action figures out of the inner courtyard and over the building so you can enjoy your summer break.




Science Research and News Resources

Science News and Information Websites

...And for easier reading try:

...Also, use Wikipedia to get an overview of your topic.

Of Possible Interest